Jun 12, 2011

My little sister's bday is tomorrow so i made cake today. But there were no cake pans, so i had to use the cupcake pans.

I hate decorating cupcakes.

And mom insisted i use her method of royal icing. Suffice to say, it wasn't a wise choice. She thinks the cupcakes turned out cute. I think they look attrocious.
Last time i used her method the same thing happened, only much worse.

I had this prom dress, and it had no straps, so i was going to sew on ribbon. Mom said to use strands of beads. Well... They broke three times through the night, once before i left the house. and that's not the only thing. But this phone only lets me text 5 pages.

I should really know by now to stick to my guns and do things my way.

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