Jun 24, 2011

so here's the thing

my life just got more complicated. not seriously complicated, but just a little. it's all John's fault.

first: he's cute. why does he have to be cute? I mean, his Facebook picture must be outdated or something because he reminded me of one of those guys who definitely has potential to be cute but hasn't quite grown into his good looks yet. but no, yesterday he was teasing me (he said he was either 6'1" or 250lbs and I had to guess which one was true. the imp. I told him I didn't think either was true because the time before that, all three things had been true) and he sent me a picture of himself to prove his point. and he's freaking cute. that makes my life so much more complicated. here I was thinking I could make a friend without letting my stupid feelings get in the way. of course he just HAD to be cute!

second: my mom found out I've been texting a nice, tall, cute, Christian boy who seems to like me a little. now she's like "oh yay! invite him over! you can cook his favorite meal! I want to meet him!" *facepalm* chill mom. let me get to know him first.

third: apparently one of my friends told him something about me and he says he has dirt on me now. I can't possibly think of what she said (I'm glaring at you!!! you know who you are!!!!) because there's really nothing out there that I've done that could really be considered blackmail. I mean, I pretended to marry my best friend when I was four, but I was four! and he's the one who is embarrassed about that story, not me. that's the only thing I can think of. so I'm clueless.

fourth: he now knows I have a secret blog. he doesn't know the name of it, so he won't be able to find it (unless he sneaks onto my computer and opens the correct blogging program and locates the appropriate account, but that requires passwords and time to figure out which of the icons on the desktop is the right one.) but he knows I have one. it's only a matter of time before SOMEONE gives it to him.

so, anyone who knows John or me or has any way of telling him anything, DON'T.

because that would make my life REALLY  complicated.


Sinking Up said...

Hahahahhaah green beans. Boiled in chicken broth. No joke. Now you have dirt on him. MWHAHAHAHA
Yes. He is cute. And I think my original text should still be in place. You know what one I'm talking about.

kshipra_22 said...

all the best with john...HAHA