Aug 14, 2010

ok… so I leave thursday

i thought i was leaving friday. turns out i’m leaving thursday.

not that i have a problem with that. the sooner, the better. i have to get out of here.

i doubt very seriously i’ll do it, but i’m trying to make some headway on my books. i have this series… the one inspired by voldemort? yeah. that one. i’m tryna finish it before i go to school….hahahhaha riiiiight.

and then there’s the one that the guy from church inspired. tryna get some headway on that.

also been thinking, will i get a chance to thank him, and make up for what i lost when i didn’t the first time? who knows. maybe i’ll never see him again. maybe i’ll publish the book and one day he’ll figure out it was him.

who knows.

trying not to stress over it. but honestly, that’s the most stressful thing about college right now. not knowing if i’ll ever see him again, ever get to actually learn what kind of person he is, know what his reaction to my thanks would be.

yeah. i’m thinking too hard again.


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