Aug 22, 2010

ok… well

So I did eventually get the microwave, but of course it’s a three-prong and i can’t plug it into my extension chord.

and my extension chords are crappy… i can’t put stuff all the way in. which is dangerous. I eventually figured out that i just had to push REALLY HARD and it would work.

then i worked out. i got to take a bike ride around campus… and i mean i went everywhere. all over. up and down hills… shoot some of those hills are so steep that i had to hold my breaks down and it was still a little nerve wracking… i’ll get the feel for the roads and then i’ll be fine. let’s just say that it would take me twenty minutes to walk to my one classroom… well on the bike it’ll probably take about four minutes at the most ;) happyday! (of course… then i have to get back up the hill to my dorm.)

after my long and strenuous bike ride (yeah there were a few cars will rolled down windows and screaming guys, but not too many and nothing offensive, thank God.) I hiked back to my dorm (quite literally) and did situps for about four minutes, pushups (like… i think i did fifteen. which is a lot for my skimpy arms) and stretched.

i’m seriously like eight inches away from a split. I used to be able to do a full crossed split and lean forwards, and then kick my back foot up and lean back and touch it to my nose. but seriously? i’m SO tight!

I’ll get it back in a week, though. i swear! (ok so maybe two). with all the hiking ill be doing, hamstrings will be tiiiight… but my butt will look great by Christmas. legs too. yay for living on the top of the hill!

then i painted my nails.



purty. they all have orange flowers with blue centers and green stems. fannncy stuff.

so there was my day :)


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