Aug 26, 2010

Warning, offensive material ahead!


(hope I spelled that right.)

Here's the quick and dirty on the past four days.

  1. My Criminal Justice teacher is freaking awesome. She would have used a different word that freaking, I'm sure you can figure it out if you think about it long enough. She cusses in class all the time. Now normally I'm offended by language, but somehow, someway, she can get away with it without being offensive. Maybe she's putting it into context? Idk. My characters in my books cuss sometimes, and it doesn't bug me. Maybe it's the same. When she talks about serial killers and crack dealers and murderers, saying shit doesn't seem abnormal.
  2. I still have no idea what to expect from Internet Security and Ethics... no idea whatsoever.
  3. My Literature teacher is cool!!! I can't wait for his class. He's got this prestigious look about him and he talks like he's totally at ease. which he probably is. he has so much knowledge about his field that it radiates from him, almost tangibly. when he walked into the room, it was silent. he had this aura of "I know more than you do so shut up and listen," but it was a nice respectful "shut up." he demands respect in the way he speaks and holds himself.
  4. My geology teacher is cool but... shoot guys. we learned about the big bang today. and it was incredible how ironic it was. here's why: she would constantly say "does that make sense to you guys?" and yes, hypothetically i understood what she was saying. but it amazes me that the science behind the nebula theory and the creation of the earth is so illogical, anyone in the second grade could see it. and yet they're all brainwashed.
no i didn't stand up in class and ask offensive questions... here's the questions I didn't ask:
  • "so you date the fossils by the rocks, and you date the rocks by the fossils. how does that work?"
  • Where did the star come from that exploded and made the solar system?
  • if the disk that created the planets determines which direction the planets rotate, and all the planets rotate around the sun the same way, why do some planets turn on their axis backwards?
  • how did the solar wind separate the chemicals to create the planets... and why aren't all the planets made of the same materials?

    (btw guys, take a bunch of rock, dirt, sand, gavel, and water, put it in a jar, and swirl it. it'll be evenly distributed.)
  • If Carbon dating has fixed rates and works so well, why do people have to date things over and over and over, and end up with vastly different numbers every time?
  • what about the dinosaur they dated where one part of it's body was one age and the other part was several million years difference? (yeah... my leg was a little slow to die. NO.)
  • how did sediments cut through rock? there would have had to be something to shake the earth or crack it to allow the sediments in there to form. something catastrophic like, say, i don't know, an earthquake, or a fault, or a FLOOD.... just sayin'.
  • if trilobites only existed in the first time period and they ALL died, why did we find live ones about ten years ago?
yeah. those are the questions i didn't ask. because i don't want to make my teacher look bad in front of her class. Me? i don't have a problem with me looking bad. shoot there were probably other creationists in the room who were like "stupid." but if you're up there, and someone asks you to answer questions like that and you can't... it's embarrassing. and i'm gonna need to keep my teacher on my side if i'm gonna pass this course. let's just say im not good at science.

or i could say im good at science, but i suck at the religion of evolution.

more on that later.

So I mentioned the language thing, right? riiight. guess how many times I heard the F-bomb yesterday?!


I don't remember! too many times.

sigh. people are stupid.

i mean really, there are much better words than that. fiddlesticks. that's just discombobulated. oh my lillipop. what the gumbo. you can come up with some very funny catchy un-cuss words to say if you try hard enough.

but people don't like to think... not about bad words, or culture, or the arts, or religion, or science. slam a rock into a molten body of lava. does it make a planet and a moon? no. it makes a molten body of lava with a rock stuck in it until the rock dissolves.



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