Aug 21, 2010

Hungry. Chilly. Bored… sorta

So it’s raining.

I was gonna take a bike ride… guess that’s not happening. buying a microwave from somebody because they have an extra one and mom and dad decided to support a broke college student. so i can’t go down to the cafeteria on my bike really fast and eat because it’s raining. and i can’t walk down in galoshes because i won’t be back in time to buy the microwave.

so i’m hungry.


So it’s raining.

I have this window fan that blows the cool air in and because it’s raining it’s cold.



and i’m bored. there’s a ton of things i have to do, but i can’t do any of them rigt now because i’m waiting for the girl with the microwave to get here. so i can’t get microsoft word loaded on my computer, i can’t pick up my mail key (and thereby check my mailbox) and I can’t go explore the campus and find my classrooms because i have to wait for the girl with the microwave.


at least i have plenty of books to read…………right?



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