Jan 28, 2011

Started dancing again! Feels great when i'm not focusing on how hard it is and how badly it hurts... My muscles hurt so bad, literally when i do anything. Karen, a friend of mine, told me that her ballet teacher lets other people come to class just to dance. So i've been actually doing class!! It makes me feel so good ^^

i'm also going to run with karen (maybe, if she feels like getting up at 5:45 am) and i'll be doing my own class for myself and a few other girls who want extra help three times a week. I e-mailed my former ballet teacher and found out the artist of the music she used, so i snatched up the cd online. I'M SO EXCITED TO DANCE TO MY FAVORITE MUSIC AGAIN THAT IT'S BOT EVEN FUNNY.

My bookshelf came yesterday. It looks great in my room ^^

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