Jan 1, 2011


Happy new years! I hate making resolutions, because I figure why start a habit in January? if you're going to start a habit or resolve to change, don't wait until the beginning of the year. just do it.


  1. I will try to read my Bible every day, and journal my prayers. It's good for me. it's commanded of me.
  2. I will try to study more in school. having my own room or having a study room will help with that.
  3. I will try to run, dance, stretch, or exercise a few times a week. Hopefully every weekday (at school. can't do it here and now because I don't have a gym at home!!!)
  4. grow my hair out so that this time next year, it's silky and healthy, not half-silky and half-tattered.
  5. write more!

Things I'm not going to bother resolving to do because it won't work or would be pointless

  1. keep my room clean (I'm hopeless. honestly.)
  2. lose weight (I do this by accident, not on purpose.)
  3. eat better (I eat what I like and my pants still don't fit. again, pointless.)

So there you go.



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