Jan 16, 2011

so apparently…

so apparently, jace is acting "really frigging weird" around all his friends, not just me. Sam said the idea of me annoying him to the point that he wouldn't like me anymore is silly because he puts up with him and his other friends and they're all more annoying than me.

which is one of the reasons I was so confussled about this whole thing. I mean, i 'm not that bad compared to some of the girls he hangs out with!! gah!

anyway. I've been praying for him for a while, praying that God softens his heart and changes his life. he's not horrible… I just don't see him living like a Christian, I see no fruit. it took me almost a week to figure out he even knew who Jesus was.

maybe this "acting really frigging weird" is God working in his heart. I hope that's the case.

mom still thinks he's in love with me. I doubt that seriously.

sam said he'd "beat the hell out of him" when he got back. he needs it.

and a hug.

well, I need a hug. which is why I hope he starts talking to me again. I miss him and his hugs.


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