Jan 10, 2011

Borrrreeddd. Had a long weekend of laying in bed feeling like crap and now that i'm healthy i can't seem to find any of my friends. I haven't socialized since friday so i'm kinda feeling wacky. But i'm also thankful for the solitude because it feels good to be alone. I recharge by myself, or in disconnected chaos (dining hall, loud room, the track) but i sorta miss my friends.

And i haven't had a hug since friday morning.


Brainstorming ideas for books. I've got some interesting ideas. I also revised the characters in two of the books i'm working on and it makes much more sense this way.

Sorta hanging out hoping i see jace. But i probably won't because he never sees me, and tends to walk right past me. Maybe i should just head to *$ and knit.

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