Jul 1, 2010

I got pulled over yesterday…

So a friend of ours gave us this car. They inherited two new cars, and they gave us one of their old ones. It works out wonderfully for us.

except for the fact that it doesn't have air conditioning.

but that's beside the point

so we brought it to the muffler shop to get it inspected… whatever that means. it passed—thank God—but they had to take off the license plate, and we had to get a new one.

So I ask mom, "Will I get pulled over for driving without a license plate?"

"No, the DMV is about two minutes up the road. You'll be fine."

I get into the car and I'm thinking I'm so gonna get pulled over.

I pull out—in the lane right beside me is a state trooper.

And I'm thinking he's gonna pull me over.

he switches lanes: get's right behind me. I'm ignoring him thinking maybe if we get there and I pull into the DMV he'll understand.

AAAAAnd the lights go on and I'm like crap. He's pulling me over.

So I pull over. and he's like "I pulled you over because you don't have a license plate."

and I explained the whole thing to him, and gave him the passed papers, and tried to smile and look sweet. (He's this really cute young guy.)

It must have worked because he just smiled and let me go.

Figures that I, of all people, would get pulled over.

I seem to have a lot of ironic luck.

More on that later…


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