Jul 6, 2010

My ride along

it went really well. I did it earlier in the month, and just didn't have a lot of time to write about it.

I got there half an hour early, because I'd never gotten my confirmation call. Turns out there was some mix-up in the paperwork.

Finally I got a tour of the building, and I met the officer I'd ride with. Let's call her Violet. Violet brought me out to the cruiser and started clearing it out (because a car is their office. the whole front seat was packed).

so we sat down and she started sorting through my papers. she looks at my background check and says "do you know anyone by the name of…" and says some name that I don't remember.


"Because his stuff is stapled to your papers… you sure you don't know him?" she looks at me funny.

"No, I've never heard the name in my life."

"Look at this." she showed me the background check. It was a three page record. The guy had done everything you could possibly do without going to jail. Poor Violet was probably thinking "who on earth is sitting here in my car?"

We decided it was a mistake, and that the lady at the front had stapled the wrong background check to my papers.

I call it another case of irony.

So then we run back and forth between two points all night… I won't go into details about the cases.

So then we got Chinese food for dinner. and I got sick. had to cut it short :\

but it was still fun. I want to do another one.


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