Jul 23, 2010

What if I don’t want to enter a post title! Hu? what then!!

So I started packing for college yesterday. I got all my books lined up in the storage area (it’s pretty darn awesome—looks like a secret book shelf hidden in a secret wall or something!) and I’m making a goodwill run tomorrow. I got three pairs of jeans at GW today, actually.

Goodwill is a great place to get jeans. Because, see, they’re jeans that fit real people… and they’re already broken in… so I don’t have to!

and, dude, although I don’t try to get jeans that look sexy just so I can look sexy… i did find a pair that I was like “wow. I actually look hot in these.”

kinda surprised me.

(yes I got them. How could I not?)

And tomorrow I’m doing this thing at the theater… I’m gonna be an usher or something. Idk all the details, I got roped in what with my librarian/friend/type person being a theatre/type person. But I love it. I kinda miss theatre… yes I spell it wrong on purpose. jump in a lake.

period is almost over. feeling better. although yesterday I had the worst cramps, I seriously thought i was going to die.

better now. :)

<3 see I even did a regular heart this time :)

(oh my lollipop i leave for school in ONE MONTH!)

OH. AND. my mom said we could bring back the PINK comforter. and get a different colored towel. hopefully something blue or green.


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