Jul 17, 2010

It would probably be a bad idea to title this post.

I love my mom. I really do. But she does some annoying things sometimes.

For instance, today. I realize she loves me. and I mean… hello! she’s freaking buying me stuff! I love that! but I wanted to go shopping with her, not just have her buy me stuff… she bought all this stuff for me for school, like a comfetor and hangers and towels, sheets etc.

but they’re all pink.


I don’t have a problem with pink. I adore pink. But I’m not a ballerina any more, mom. And pink is not my thing. twelve different colors on every square inch? yes please and pack more in there if you can. big bright bold? difinitely. Black? duh.

all pink and purple. EW.

I’ll probably just hide it in my closet when I get there.

because seriously? I’m a criminal justice major. i don’t want a pink room.

I find it funny that she wants me to cut my hair, but she also wants me to wear pink and do my makeup all the time.

which is another thing that bugs me.

I have great skin. only time I break out is when I eat too much chocolate or fast food. I have these horrible freckles over my whole face, but at least there is enough of them so my face pretty much looks one color… I am reasonably satisfactory, as far as my face goes. Not pretty by any stretch of the word, but not ugly and not (too) plain.

and she’s always trying to get me to do my makeup. at least she did for a while. “do your makeup. you’d look nicer if you dressed up a little. you don’t really have time to wash your hair, but it needs it (which it doesn’t by the way.)…”

seriously? and the only time she tells me i look nice is when I do dress up and cake my face with crap.

keep in mind i’m allergic to the stuff.

(and I do intend to leave it ALL at home… except maybe lip gloss. that stuff is better than chap stick!)

and one time, she even tried to use reverse psychology on me to get me to cut my hair. I was like wut?? you’re insane.

So yeah. I’ll probably regret posting this. Like I said, I love my mom a lot, and i know she was only trying to help.

but how am I going to get rid of that pink stuff without hurting her feelings? she even bought a bunch of pink washcloths!!!!! pink pink too much freaking flipping pink!


I wanted to go shopping with her—like we planned!—and pick out something together!

of course i didn’t tell her I was disappointed. I just thanked her and grinned and pretended to be happy.

I’ll definitely be bringing my own sheets to school…



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