Jul 19, 2010

Um. So. What haven't I written about lately?

I haven’t said that being a woman is hard, and that periods suck. Seriously.

pardon mon francais.

but periods suck like a freaking vampire.

So I taught a class today. Cute kids, all pretty well behaved, nothing insane happened except the fact that my body was SCREEEEEEMING at me all day and everything is sore. Just because. I’m like that.

I suck like a vampire, remember?

Bad mood, me. just bad mood.

I did “win” the video contest at the library… it was a tie (there were two prizes) between one girl who works at (family store name) and the other girl who works at (family store name) and the prize was from… you guessed it! (family store name!) so we handed off the one prize to our assistant, and I gave my prize to the third place winner.

But my sisters really was the best.

and mine really was second best.

And I did get an awesome bookbag with the library SRP theme on the front. So I’m happy. :)

except that my mood is still in the negative.


like that.

< /3

(broken heart. Get it?)

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