May 21, 2012

This weekend

This weekend I went to Spheal's apartment and picked him up, and took him to my parent's house. We visited with my grandparents on Saturday, and then left Sunday at about 10:30

My grandma gave me something really special: she gave me the watch her father gave her on her eighteenth birthday. It's really pretty, and it still works. I want to make a new band for it that matches the design, because the band right now is just a black strap and it's broken. But I fix and make jewelry all the time. it'll be a piece of cake.

The funny thing is I've actually been wanting a watch for a while. I'm sort of compulsive about time, and I like to know what time it is in class. but I can't check my phone in class! duh. so yeah.

I'll post a picture when I fix it. :)

Another project I want to do this week is make a seat cushion for my car. I lost circulation in the bottom half of my body about 4 hours into the drive… that was annoying. Also it's impossible for me to sit up straight in my car because of the angle of the seat—unless there's a pillow or something behind my back. so I'm going to take care of that eventually.

I also started another crochet afghan. I think I'm going to make it a full size one, and do little flowers or blue-birds on the plain squares. I'll sell it or donate it or something.

and I'm working on a baby sweater. it's purple and white. swo cute!

and I'm decorating a tutu for one of my students.

I miss spheal. a lot.


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