May 26, 2012

Habits, novels, and coffee shops

The thing about habits is they take a long time to make and once you’re in them you like them, but they’re really easy to get out of.

Good habits, I mean. Bad ones are the opposite.

This time last year I was sitting exactly where I am sitting right now: I was sitting in a coffee shop. I was also doing exactly what I’m doing right now: I was writing. The difference is last year I got somewhere, this year I feel like I’m a dog chasing its tail.

Last summer I wrote a 60K word novel in three weeks, read tons of books, and taught art camps. this year I am getting up at 11 (because that’s when my alarm goes off to remind me to take my medicine) and I’ve written about four sentences, and read a half a novel. I’ve crochet-ed (is that a word?) a lot of things for donation (I still haven’t come up with a name for my ministry) and planned my art camp, but haven’t gotten around to making the samples yet.

I’m trying not to stress though, because I have an internship in a few weeks, and I need to get my wrecked-car back in shape. My novel is sort of on the back burner.

But not for long. Because I’m making a change.

From now on my schedule will be:

  • Wake up at 6
  • Pilates, PT, jump rope, and stretch
  • Go to a coffee shop (the one I’m in now, because their coffee is AMAZING and only a buck fifty in your own cup) and work on my novel!
  • Go to the library (just around the corner from the CS) and work on schoolwork and crafty stuff
  • Do whatever else I have to do that evening.
  • Go to bed early.

(you can mix in talking to Spheal whenever I get cell service.)

at least that's the plan.

Starting Monday. since today is Saturday, and tomorrow is church.

I miss Spheal like mad.

also last semester at school my Zune got stolen. yesterday my paycheck came in, and I found a zune on amazon for really cheap. so I got it.

I CAN'T WAIT. mostly because my CD player in my car ruins cds. now I'll be able to listen to music and audiobooks without worrying about my stupid car.


here. have a cute picture of penguins in sweaters.

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