May 14, 2012

must. have. coffee.

so yesterday I got up early for church and went out to breakfast. It was a bit pricey, but it was worth it: coffee and pancakes and eggs. yum! That place is on my favorites list.

Today I got my microwave out of storage (did I mention they don't have a microwave? how do you not have a microwave?) and plugged it in in my room. I started to heat up some water, but the microwave, the heater, and my computer combined blew a fuse. so now I have no electricity in my room until I either a) find the fuse box and fix it or b) confess my sinful microwave.

I refuse to give up my sinful coffee-drinking ways. Not yet, anyway.

I went to school and asked for an advance on my financial aid. Our system is retarded. They credit the financial aid to your account for like three weeks before they deposit it into your account (which takes another week). I have my textbook: I need the money now, and I need it for gas and food (coughcoffeecough). Anyway now I'm waiting for my advance to be approved.

I'm supposed to go home this weekend and visit my grandparents. I'm going to swing by and pick up Spheal. I miss him terribly.

Dad said he'd give me gas money for the trip. but I think he's planning on giving it to me on the way back… which means my paycheck I get on Thursday has to go directly into the tank. unless of course my advance gets approved.

being an adult is complicated.

also being paid only sixty dollars a week is complicated. that's why I have an etsy shop. which, btw, you should go look at.

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