Mar 12, 2012

Women and Men in society.

Warning: controversial post about religion and society ahead!

Patriarchy: man-lead society (which is the way it's supposed to be, right?)

well, yes. But in our culture, Patriarchy means anti-women. It used to mean man-lead, now it means woman-bashing.

In our society women have lower rights. not less, but lower. we make less money. we're looked down on in some situations. I hears about a woman who, when she was working as an engineer, she got more respect when she pretended to be clueless and need help than when she acted like she understood the situation as well as the men.

Is this right? is it wrong?

well, it's not fair. but is it okay?


First of all, what are our roles as women?

  1. to train up and care for our children
  2. to respect and build up our husbands
  3. to care for our home
  4. to do whatever specific thing God wants us to do.

Should women be able to vote?

perhaps. Now I'm not saying women should loose their voting rights. But I feel like since men are supposed to lead the household, shouldn't there be one vote per household? if a woman is single and living and taking care of herself, she should vote. If she's living with her father or husband, maybe she shouldn't. maybe it should be one vote per household.

just throwing my thoughts out there.

what do you think?

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