Mar 20, 2012

New Friends! Yay!

Jasmine and Marie are two girls in my Dance Anatomy and Ballroom Dance class.

Jasmine looks like Jasmine from the Disney movie (only she's not a slut).

Marie is…well… she's hilarious, a theater major, has a great sense of humor, and is totally obsessed with black or dark men. (we decided this is because she had a black doll as a kid instead of a Ken doll, because it was cheaper).

Neither of them are saved. They like me a lot, and invite me to do stuff with them, which is a weird new experience for me.

I'm working with Marie on our dance project. She'll be fun to work with.

Anyway, I'm hoping I get a chance to witness to them. Pray for them, and for me, that I won't be afraid.

As a side note, My African Lit teacher is letting us do an essay about a movie with african themes, and one of the movies she's letting us pick from is Curious George!

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