Mar 12, 2012

How to fix our country in 10 (not) easy steps

these steps are easier said than done. I understand that. But I've been thinking about this for a while, and although I'm not an expert, I just feel like ranting today.

basically, the government is doing some stupid things, we as people are doing stupid things.

so here are my thoughts.

do tell me what you think.

  1. stop buying things from China
  2. have the criminals in our system build factories (this will keep them busy and replace the factories from China)
  3. have the criminals build a wall around the USA so immigrants can't sneak in.
  4. Provide a way for illegal immigrants to become legal citizens. This process will include learning the language and passing a language test, sending the children to our schools, and the men over age 18 will serve in the military for 4+ years. Then they can become legal citizens and they will have earned their stay.
  5. the unemployed of America –not the criminals—can work in the factories. No experience required, and it will be a job that will give the experience required to get a new job.
  6. the government will get their hands out of our school systems. the schools will get a certain amount of money, and then the schools will have their own policies about EVERYTHING. also: parents can choose which school to send their kids too, whether or not they live nearby.
  7. teachers pay will be doubled, if not raised even more than that. the jobs will be more competitive, and our kids will actually get an education.
  8. congressmen should get paid less, and have to pay taxes, and take care of their own retirement plans, and buy their own health insurance etc.
  9. the government should stay out of health insurance. end of conversation.
  10. stop sending help and financial aid out of the country. natural disasters are terrible. but that's not their job: that's the church's job.

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