Mar 29, 2012

they say beauty is deep within. but they themselves don't notice it beyond the outer surface. what is your take on this? is it fair if in spite of internal goodness one gets lost in the crowd of glamour and shine? what else to do?

it's not fair. But one thing I've always believed, and still believe, is that to the people who matter and who i care about, it doesn't matter what i look like. My boyfriend always thinks i'm beautiful, even if my hair is unbrushed and my legs are unshaven and im wearing dirty clothes.

my parents love me no matter what i look like.

my friends? same thing.

so yeah it's annoying when i am having a good hair day or my jeans fit just right and then i walk into a store and see a copy of Cosmo and some girl has HUGE and totally PERFECT breasts and a really nice butt and perfect skin and i'm like "damn, why can't i look like that?" and then for the rest of the day i feel like crap. but that's just because i'm a girl, and that's part of the curse i think.

but it all comes down to this: to the people who love you, you will always be beautiful. and their opinion is the one you should be worried about anyway. :)

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