Mar 14, 2012

I'm a little ticked off.

I'm a ballerina and an athlete. At the top of my form, I weigh about 120 pounds and have a 14% or less body fat percentage. I don't get my period regularly. When I do, I have mood swings.

And that's personal.

I choose to talk about it on this blog because 1) it's my blog and 2) I'm trying to make a point. so stick with me.

Arizona might pass a bill that says that women who work for employers who don't agree with Birth Control can fire their employees.

So here's what that means:

Say I work for an employer. That employer firmly believes that birth control is a sin, and that women who are using it so they can have sex without getting pregnant are sinning. (which, mind you, is totally unbiblical.) That employer could legally get the information me, ask me to get a doctor's note saying that I don't take it so I can have as much guilt-free sex as I want, and if I can't get that note,

he can legally fire me.

Their reasoning? it's against the employer's first amendment rights to his freedom of religion.

This is why it's wrong:

1. We have the freedom of religion, but not the freedom to impress our religion on other people.

Basically, that employer would be pushing is beliefs on her, and taking legal action against her because of it. That is unconstitutional.

2. We have freedom of speech, the press, and religion, but NOT the "freedom to not be offended."

If something offends you, I'm sorry! get over yourself. I go to college, I see crap that offends me all the time. I offend people all the time. They don't sue me.

3. She has freedoms too.

My mom—and my grandma, and my Criminal Justice teacher, and almost every other important person I've ever met—says "your rights end where mine begin." He can't take her rights away and step into her personal space just because he feels like it. the moment he throws away regard for her rights and her freedom, he looses privileges to his own.

So yeah. That's why I'm mad.

Note to self: never move to Arizona.

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Sinking Up said...

Okay wait, what's unbiblical the sex? Or the calling it a sin? O__o
Hey, if they can pass this... You should legally be able to do just about anything... "my teacher talks about sex in biology class. I should be able to drop the class and still get credit" I'd love to say "score" for the Christians on this one... But birth control isn't explained in the bible..... Sex outside of marriage is. An employer shouldn't get to decide on this one. Sorry. I like the government outta my personal life thankyouverymuch