Aug 31, 2011


So John called my dad this evening and confessed his undying love for me to him. apparently it went better than he expected. Later when he called me he found out that I'm on my period and told me he wished he could be there to hold me and cuddle with me because he felt so sorry that I had to experience such torture.

which is really sweet and funny at the same time. he blows periods way out of proportion. he's like "The inside layer of your womb is being ripped out. that's gotta hurt." and im like "yeah half the time I forget about it. chill out." and he's like "well I'm in love with you so you're going to have to get over the fact that I feel sorry for you." or something along those lines.

so you see how it's funny. but it's also sweet because I honestly don't know any other guy who will stay on the phone with me while I'm crying because im PMSing and sing to me until I calm down and then tell me jokes until I feel better. nor do I know another guy in history who wasn't afraid of girls while they were on their periods. even my dad, when he finds out, says "oh, uh…" and hunches his back and awkwardly leaves the room. but John is different.

he's so different, I don't know of any other guy like him. except maybe the ones out of my novels. and even then, he's like a combination of all their best attributes.

Victory has started planning our wedding.

alright, enough about the boyfriend. yes he is the boyfriend now, even though it's not "facebook official," because he called me his girlfriend. so there. HAH.


Mom Daughter Style said...

congratulations! how sweet.

btw, im hosting a giveaway, it's open for everyone.

Aditi Sharma said...

Congrats girl!!
it has been a while since m following ur blog...really happy for you :)

god bless you both :)