Aug 22, 2011

back to the grindstone.

Worked out this morning. if you can call it that. I ran four laps and stretched. it took 15 minutes. but by the end of the fall semester, I'll be working out two to three hours every morning. I'm just really weak right now.

classes today weren't really classes, they were more like "meet the teacher and read the syllabus" day. so that's what we did. I have one of my favorite teachers for English. he's very funny. he was born in the wrong century, he should have been born in England in the 18th century. because that's where he fits in… and yet he makes Monty Python jokes and accepts cultural event reports about Zombie Walks.  I'm taking a ballet class and helping the teacher in part of another dance class. I'm excited :D

John called me for a few minutes around lunch. he really missed me and I told him I had some time, so we chatted for a little while. I miss him.

later this afternoon I went to starbucks and tried to work on one of my books, but it wasn't working so I gave up and facebooked John for a while, but then facebook wasn't working so I gave up on that. so I went to the cookout behind our dorm and attempted to eat a crappy hamburger and failed miserably (I hate about half a bite) and sat there opening and closing my knife that John gave me (yes, he gave me a knife. dumb, right?). then who should show up but Jace!

and let me tell you. it's so much easier to be just a friend to guys when you've got another guy on your mind.

now I can still appreciate beauty. Although Jace chopped off all his hair and shaved his beard so he looks completely different—still attractive, but different— still handsome, but not quite as sexy as he was with a head of blond curls. I threatened to kill him. so he took away my knife.

anyway, he loves speaking french and I have to study french so we're going to hang out and study french together. I hope. because that would be awesome.

the only thing I'm worried about is this… I need to make some new friends this year because Sarah and Katie and Jace and a lot of other people I know are graduating in the spring, and I won't have any friends left :( so I need to make some new friends.

so for food this week, I'm focusing on boosting my metabolism. I'll eat well too, but more than anything I'm trying to get the metabolism up. so don't kill me for eating pizza.

Breakfast: 3/4 cup oatmeal, little cinnamon, 1 tsp wheat germ, 1/2 cup whole milk. this is nasty. I didn't realize wheat germ tasted nasty by itself. but its good for me so I'm going to eat it anyway. ew. I only ate half of it.

snack: Naked Acai berry drink. almost the whole thing. basically that's two days worth of fruit. I love that stuff.

lunch: Natural crunchy Peanut butter and strawberry preserves on french bread. yum! (and water.)

snack: a few triscuit's

late snack: small 3-meat pizza.  and the rest of my chocolate cake. and okay, a starbucks drink. I sort of lost it about 5:00.

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