Aug 7, 2011

Headphone Horrors!

Ok so here's what happened:

My MP3 player is a Microsoft Zune. It sucks. It's horrible. I hate it. I mean I like it, but I hate that sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn't work at all. So it sucks.

It died. I decide it's time to use my phone as an MP3 player since that's what it's supposed to do… so I go out and get a cable to hook my phone up to my computer. $30.

Get home and figure out that my phone won't store any music on it unless I get a Micro SD chip. So I get a Micro SD chip. $15.

Synch my music: I'm so excited! look for the headphone jack and discover I don't have any micro headphones. So I go to radio shack because that's where I got the cable, and I ask if they have headphones. they don't have any.

so I go to the  AT&T store, assuming that since it's an AT&T phone the store that sells the phone will also sell the headphones. they don't have them either.

so I go to staples as a last resort. they don't have them either. but they do have bluetooth headsets and that gives me an idea.

so I go BACK to the AT&T store and ask for BLUETOOTH headphones instead of MICRO headphones because my phone has bluetooth connectivity. they do have bluetooth headphones. but they cost $100. I did however find out that they had an accessory sale going on, so it was only $80. there was also an Itunes gift card for ten bucks, so technically I spent $70 on headphones and $10 on Itunes. (which is a rip off anyway because Itunes is so freaking expensive. Amazon is much better.)

and THEN mom was like "oh. I have a pair of bluetooth headphones you can have!"

I was like "gee. thanks mom."

but moms won't connect to my phone.

the ones I bought did, but they don't fit.

o.0 nvodashogsnvoasf.

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