Aug 21, 2011

Going to try again

First of all, no I'm not starving myself.

but I am going to try to go back on my dance diet.

this involves eating about six or seven small meals a day and consuming almost 3000 calories. so again, not starving myself. losing weight, yes hopefully, but not starving myself. I don't want to hear any "Emily, you're going to kill yourself!" or "Emily I'm going to make you eat food!" or "Emily you look so skinny you're going to die!" or "Emily you're underweight!"

because, by the way, a Body Fat Percentage of 11 would be underweight. I'm aiming for 14 as opposed to…whatever I am now, which I actually don't know.

Anyway. I don't want to hear it. that's the stuff that made it fail last time.

Im thinking I'm going to post what I eat on this blog, for accountability. It'll force me to not sneak in chocolate cake too often (yes there will occasionally be some chocolate cake or Ben and Jerry's. it's a must-have during that time, which John refers to as "ravenholm." I'll explain that later.)

which, by the way, he's the only guy I've ever met who will openly ask "are you on your period? do you need extra hugs? can I get you anything?" he's so sweet and considerate like that. and he doesn't feel awkward when I complain about cramps or grumpiness. that right there makes him super special.

he gave me chocolate when I visited him (not Tuesday, but the other weekend when I took Sis to the MtG shop.) it made me immensely happy.

and I think he's going to give me flowers for my birthday because he was sort of hinting at it. ive never gotten flowers from anyone but my dad. it would be really nice to get flowers…

okay yes I'm totally in love with him.

back to the subject at hand.

My goal is 120 with a BFP of 14. Last time I hit 122 with a BFP of 14.8, and that took a little over a month, but I only recorded about 3 weeks of it.

We'll see if it works. It'll keep me blogging regularly at least!!

School starts tomorrow. so excited, but a little nervous :)

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