Aug 27, 2011

Irene is sitting on my parents.

there's a hurricane at my hometown. my folks have had no AC or electricity for almost a day now. im a bit worried about them, but I know they'll be alright.

last night sis and I went on a camping trip with the Baptist Campus Ministry. it was cool. I met some new people, showed off my awesome pocket knife to the guys (and they were like "dude, this is SICKKK.") and played some fun games.

but I was hot and dehydrated and I did NOT want to sleep out where bugs may be, so sis and I went home at about 11 and slept in our air conditioned rooms on supportive mattresses.

today I went to the gym and ran 2 miles. it felt awesome! and I have decided that starting monday, im going to get back into my regular routine. my body needs it and my soul needs it too.

(this consists of getting up early to run, probably outside as the weather is still nice, then going to the gym for PT, then coffee and breakfast and bible study with sis.)

I miss John. he called me on friday for like two or three hours (my dad is going to flip because I know it'll show up on the phone bill) because he couldn't talk to me much the past week.

He's seriously considering transferring to my school next fall.

AND THE HORRIBLE THING THAT HAD HAPPENED TO HIM THAT WASN'T HIS FAULT? IT'S ALL OVER. some of you know exactly what I mean, and for those of you who don't? essentially someone got him in trouble for something he didn't do and it was keeping him from getting a job and getting into school. and now it's over and done with. it's such a relief!

going to shower and then explore the downtown area with sis.

<3 :)))


ps as you can tell, im not telling you what I eat for a while. I haven't quite gotten my self discipline back yet ;)

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