Aug 4, 2011

im sowwy

I know ive been really bad about blogging lately. here's why:

  1. ive been working for my dad teaching art camps. I know right? im a freaking art teacher. John teases me about the bodies of problem students being stored in my freezer.
  2. there's been a lot to say, but I wanted to just sit down and write it all out in a nice long post, but that takes time, and time is something I don't have a lot of.
  3. im sick as a dog.
  4. my aunt is visiting from CA so we've been playing tour guides and entertainers for the past week. and the week before that was house cleaning. and I mean serious cleaning. my mom dusted books and sorted through her scrapbooking papers.

so here's what's happened.

  1. yes I was PMSing. (and yes you did need to know that random awkward detail). That was Wednesday I believe…maybe tuesday. Not sure. anyway I was such a mess. I went to the store and worked on some art stuff for several hours. I was stressed, crying over the phone with John, yeah it was horrible.
  2. John explained to me how the middle finger came about. yeah I know that's random. it's actually really funny and I'll write about it some time.
  3. Last Friday I took Ears, Sis, and Mat (her boy-friend who isn't her boyfriend) to some card shops. while they bought MTG cards, I hung out with John. (and Victory: THIS was the first date, he said so. so there. hah! ;D) We went out to pizza and went back to his place and I met his dad. then we watched a movie called RED: Retired Extremely Dangerous—and it was awesome. it was my kind of movie: spies, dangerous weapons, fight scenes, huge explosions, and undying love.
  4. Saturday mom and I went up to get my aunt from the air port, and we visited John's family while we were up there. our mothers went shopping, John and I went around town for a drive, and then went back to his place (his dad was there)  and sat on the couch and talked. it was so nice.
  5. this week I got new pointe shoes that fit me so well and look great on my feet!! im so excited. they cost me almost $200 for two pairs, but they're great. they look beautiful, unlike the old ones that just looked boxy.
  6. now im sick. and I may not be able to visit John this weekend when everyone goes up to drop off the aunt and go school shopping (we were going to hang out while they went shopping) but I can't go if im sick.
  7. therefore, im going to be so I can get well.

and that's about it. 


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