Jul 7, 2011

So lately…

Haven't been able to write a lot, I've been busy. Here's the rundown of what's been going on lately:

On July 4th, John called dad. apparently they talked for almost two hours. It was just a little crazy. I mean, He's never even met me and he's talking to my dad. He's going to come to my hometown soon and talk to him in person.

Dad seems to like him. Specifically he said "he seems like an articulate young man." I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but I guess he isn't prejudiced against him.

Last night in church (I  wasn't there but I heard it from my sister Fish) he made a prayer request for wisdom because a guy wants to court me. he said something along the lines of "the phone call was scary for me, but hopefully it was scarier for him." I told that to John and he laughed. He told me later he wasn't scared but he did have to psych himself up to actually make the call.

he added me to his free minute loop on his phone, but it doesn't actually go through until August. So I'm going to try to keep our calls shorter so I don't use up all his minutes. I mean, talking from 9 to 1am every night isn't really helpful when you've got limited minutes and you're broke.

I get to see him saturday, and he wants to come to church with me sunday and take me out after worship service. I think it's really sweet. He really wants me to meet his parents, and I'd love to, but I also want to spend some time with Victory and her family. And I'm not going to actually get there until Friday at midnight-ish.

Now I'm going to pack for a while, and then make some demo projects for the class I'm teaching the week after next, and then maybe go to the gym and dance for a while… my feet hurt and my legs are twitchy.

So excited for this weekend.

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