Jul 19, 2011


John might be visiting this weekend.

I really can't say anything other than I miss him like crazy (I know I've only actually met him once. But we've been good friends for a month now.) and he wants to talk to dad while he's up here.

really. I'm sort of excited and nervous at the same time. I miss him. but I'm also kind of terrified. I'll share a piece of a text convo between me and Victory:


Victory: "Girl…I just read the list. you're in trouble."

Em: "what list?"

Victory: "THE list."

Em: "Oh. yeah. THAT list. why am I in trouble?"

Victory: "because he IS the list!"


which is true. that's sort of intimidating. I mean, he even meets the requirements I wanted but didn't put on the list, like the color of his hair and eyes and how tall I wanted him to be and that little detail about being willing to wait for our first kiss until our wedding day (though I may have to settle for when I get an engagement ring because WOW coughchemistrycough. hm. ahem.).

so yeah.

teaching twelve children how to sew and bind books and knit and make jewelry this week. I'm losing my voice. sigh. I think I'll have to settle with three or four kids. maybe five. six max. if I ever hit seven, I'm hiring a nanny.

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