Jul 1, 2011

I don't want too enter a post title! so there! bah! humbug!)

The role in the play fell through. all for the best, though, because I wouldn't have been able to visit Victory (one of my good girlfriends, you know who you are! yes you have a code name now too, you're that special) because there were performances on the date I was planning to visit.

and I promised John I'd visit him when I went up there.

kinda need to meet him in person soon I think…. we had a pretty intense convo last night. we said a lot of things that I'll never tell to anyone but my diary—the real paper one, not the freakish one—and hopefully nobody will see that until I die.

ive seen a few pictures of him, but the pictures i've seen both look so different, that I can't quite piece together what he looks like.

this is so weird. I've never met this guy in person.

I feel like a fourteen-year-old when he talks to me.

and the blushing thing? geez. it's his new favorite thing to do. he can tell when I'm blushing over the phone. it's completely humiliating. he says sweet sappy (not really sappy but they'd sound sappy if I typed them) things and compliments me all the time and says stuff to make  me uncomfortable (well, uncomfortable in a good way). this is seriously going to cause problems when I meet him.


I need some pizza. maybe a bar of chocolate. or two.


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