Nov 19, 2011


Yesterday was pretty bad.

now there were some good parts. one was I had lunch with Jace (like I did last Friday… don't remember if I blogged about that or not). It's been great to connect up with him again. apparently he and his roommate/best friend since birth have had a falling out, so he eats most of his meals alone. im going to start eating lunch with him on fridays because lunch alone really sucks.

anyway, he teased me about John, and we talked about writing (because we're both novelists) and other random stuff.

the bad is… I had a horrific mood swing when I got home that evening, like I was crying all night because I was so stressed.

I am so doing something about this. I'm tired of mood swings and missing periods.

1. I'm going to take something. not sure what, but im seeing the doc over thanksgiving.

2. I'm going to take one less class next term so I can chill out a little.


I need to go study. or read a book. or have some coffee. or something.

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