Nov 1, 2011

life sucks today.

today, and probably next week.

It's 27 degrees outside, my boyfriend is far away, and I'm PMSing. AGAIN.

apparently my suitemate has a period every other week, because this is absurd. of course any girl will tell you if you live with another girl, you end up synching with them.

aaaaagh ndasoihsdnaoifadsonfas. gah.

and it's cold. I like the cold, but it makes me tired and lonely. at least I live on campus and I don't have to walk fifteen minutes to get to coffee in the morning…

I'll see John the day before Thanksgiving. that day can't come soon enough. I think I understand that song "I'm taking you with me" by Relient K.

sappy I know, I'm sorry. I'm a romantic. you follow a romantic's blog, you get sappy posts.

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