Nov 5, 2011

c'est ma mere…

This is what happens. (fyi mom and Fish are visiting this weekend)

Mom: let's meet at 7:30. I'll leave my hotel and pick you guys up at school

Fish: Okay.

(Sis and Em look at each other and laugh)

Mom: What?

Sis and Em both say: How about 8:30?

Mom: I want to make a whole day of it.

Fish: It's fine with me, I get up at 6:30 for High School.

Sis: Okay…

Em: *mutters to herself*

(7:00 Em's alarm rings)

Em: I hate my life. *texts mom, no answer. gets up anyway*

(7:30 gets text from Mom: "I overslept, I'm on my way")

Em: I hate my life.






I don't really hate my life. I just hate getting up when I don't have to. lol. c'est ma mere. J'aime-toi.

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