May 26, 2011


Only Ian would text me at 2:30 in the morning to ask me when father's day is.

Charlie (our black poodle puppy named after John Steinbeck's poodle) found out he can chase his tail. catching it isn't very much fun, though. when he did finally manage to get hold of it, he tugged on it, and promptly fell over.

might get a chance to work at the library this year, but the lady in charge of hiring hasn't called me back yet. it's because she's busy. she likes me better than the kid who normally works there in the summer. or maybe she lost my number.

decided my character in my novel is a quantum physicist and a rocket scientist. the supporting character gives her a t-shirt for her birthday that says "I'm no rocket surgeon."

which is a t-shirt that I did actually find.

I found a journal that said "I'm an English major. you do the math."

my sister wants to teach me MtG. I really don't want to bother learning. but I might anyway. idk.

need to work on my book.

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