Jan 30, 2012



If you are contracting "It Is:"

its yes

If you are NOT contracting "it is:"

its no

Jan 29, 2012

lists help me think.

So. here is a list of stuff that has happened, is happening, or will happen:

  1. I am joining my local church. I've been wanting to join for a while, and that church is really the reason I chose the school I'm at now, so I went to a membership class and I'll probably join in the next few weeks.
  2. John and his mother are coming to visit me in the first week of March (I'm so excited!!)
  3. It's been a year since I've started working on my novel, and it's still just a crappy first draft…. I'd better get going on that.
  4. my phone is screwed up, and doesn't send or receive pictures for some reason. this is bad, because my phone is my camera, and I take pictures from my phone and text them to my email address, and that's how I get pictures. so I have to fix this… I got a blue-tooth adapter for my computer so I can send them to my computer that way… we'll see if that works.
  5. I am behind on my reading. WAY behind. I have to read emma, heart of darkness, and about eight review books. oy.
  6. I'm going to knit a sweater. it might take me a year, but I'm so going to knit a sweater.
  7. I'm also going to knit my wedding dress. this means I have to learn to knit lace, and I have to get over my fear of size 3 needles.


that's the basic idea. it's still a work in progress of course, and I'm sure I'll change it a lot as I go, but that's the general idea.

I'm thinking a winter wedding would be nice. but summer or spring or fall would be fine too.


Jan 22, 2012

What YouTube video made you laugh recently?

vlog brothers always make me laugh.

Ask me anything

Do you like playing in the snow?


Ask me anything

Can you whistle?

i used to be able to, but not anymore. i have a retainer glued to the bottom of my teeth where my tongue is supposed to go in order to be able to whistle. so every once in a while I can get a "kinda-whistle." but most of the time it's a no.

Ask me anything

What's the last song that got stuck in your head?


Ask me anything

Rock, paper or scissors?



Ask me anything

What famous person would you like to meet?

Anna Pavlova. I want to know whose version of The Dying Swan I'm actually dancing.

Ask me anything

Save the Unborn

I'm having a fundraiser at my other blog. It's just starting and I don't have a lot of stuff up there yet, but I'm working on putting more on there.

Please visit it and consider donating or purchasing something. All the money except cost of materials goes to stopping abortion.


so excited!!

I got a job.

I'm teaching pre-pointe at a local Christian dance studio! They don't have any girls en pointe right now, but I'm developing a curriculum to put them on. I'm so. freaking. excited.

I love teaching ballet.


Thank you God!!

Jan 16, 2012


I wont see John until March.

*dies a little inside*

Maybe I'm insensitive, but this is my blog after all…

Racism will never go away until we stop talking about it.

Now that's not to say that we should forget our history. But if we continue to make a big deal over what happened so many years ago, and continue to practically worship the people who gave their lives to change it, we will never move on. And until we can move on, the hate and anger from our ancestors still lives in us.

You're free now. Get over it.

This is not meant to offend anyone who is black or is related to someone who is black (or however you like your skin color referred too). I'm just saying… if we had a white history day, we'd never hear the end of it. why is that, do you think?

Like I said. get over it.

Jan 14, 2012

this morning.

I'm being both good and bad this morning.

these are the good things I did:

  • I got up before noon (okay, 11:30)
  • I called John and we talked for a while before we got up, which was nice
  • I packed all my bags full of school books, and headed to starbucks
  • I didn't forget to take my medicine
  • Even though I'm almost done knitting my blue ringed octopus, I didn't bring it with me to starbucks, so I could focus on my homework first! (this is a big thing for me)

these are the bad things I did this morning:

  • On the phone with John, I sort of flirted with him. I wasn't horribly bad, but I could have been less of a tease I guess.
  • For breakfast, I am eating a pumpkin spice latte (the venti size…) and a pumpkin cranberry cream-cheese stack from McAlisters.
  • I forgot my glasses. Which means I'll have to go back to my dorm and get them, because I've been typing for two minutes and my head already hurts.

So yeah. The good outnumbers the bad, but we don't follow utilitarianism here.

at least I think that's the word.

I'm eventually going to make a dictionary. It will contain words I often forget the meaning of and have to relearn the meaning every semester, new important things I've discovered, and words I made up that I don't want to forget.

And I'll make it on InDesign. Since I paid three hundred dollars for the program, there is no reason I shouldn't' use that thing for EVERYTHING.

Jan 10, 2012

Sometimes… I feel like this…


Jan 8, 2012


These. Are. Amazing.


I am in love.

one of life's great mysteries


Jan 7, 2012

in your pants

John Green and his writer friends decided that if you add "In your pants" to the end of any book title, it becomes a lot funnier.

The best titles for IN YOUR PANTS jokes:


this list is not complete….. additions? leave a comment.


I'm posting this because my blogging program does a better job of organizing this than my page does.
I don't use real names in my blog—with the exception of one name, Brad, who I don't know personally and only met once. So, for those of you who know me and are trying to figure out who is who, this is sort of your answer key. For those of you who have not been following long, here are brief bios of people I may/probably will mention.

Jasmine is one of my friends at school. We have two classes together. Her best friend's name is Marie, who is also a new friend of mine. We're all dancers, and Marie is a Musical Theater major.

Rachel is a girl in my French class. We're planning on running and working out together in the Spring. I want to witness to her.

John is the boyfriend. I met him because one day I posted a facebook status that said something like "text me, I'm bored!" and my phone number. He reminds me a little bit of Peeta from The Hunger Games, because he's so sweet.

Sis is my little sister (not my youngest sister) and we're very good friends. We go to the university together.


Jeff is one of Sis's friends. He just transferred up to our school with us.

Victory is my best girlfriend ever. She's awesome and sweet and funny and wonderful. She blogs over here.

Brad is a guy who shared his testimony one Sunday, and it inspired me to write a book, which led to a series. He hugely impacted my view on Christian men.

Dylan was one of my first friends on campus. I met him in Starbucks and we talked about pirate costumes for halloween and why Edward Cullen is a fairy, not a vampire. I'm trying to witness to him. He has a fantastic irish accent. We're good friends and have never been awkward or experienced any attraction. He introduced me to Jace.

Named after the character from The Mortal Instruments, Jace is a friend of mine from college.  We're both writers, adore books, and love cats and dislike but don't totally hate dogs. He's a shameless flirt and I can never quite figure him out, but I put up with him because he's sexy, funny, and we're too similar not to be friends.

Ears is my little brother who seems to be able to hear everything in the house. this can be potentially hazardous and somewhat awkward as he will randomly comment on conversations that have nothing to do with him. He as asburgers syndrome (very high-functioning autism) and he argues about everything, but he and i are extremely similar so I have a soft spot for him.

Fish is my younger sister. She loves to swim, she is the best singer on the planet, and she was born for Broadway. She says awkward things and drives me nuts.

A jerk I knew in High School, who also inspired one (okay three) of my stories. I'm not actually sure if we're on speaking terms or not, but he's one of my haunting muses, so I can't do anything about him. Even killing his character in the book won't help. :/ His name is Voldemort because he ended up as "You Know Who" in my diary.

where's waldo?

more like "where's emily?"

yes, the truth is out. I call myself emily on this blog. it's not my real name. long story there ;)

Back at school. It feels good to be back. Sis is moved in. I think she's still sleeping.

We left Thursday night at 10:30pm and drove through the night. We got to school at 5:30. Record time! It was actually pretty fun. Once we got past midnight, it wasn't hard to stay awake. I like driving at night. It's a lot more relaxing. There's no traffic. There's no huge trucks (well, okay, there are some, but there's plenty of room on the road to pass them). And  most of the time, the only headlights on the road are mine! So I don't get blinded!! yay!

Anyway, our ID cards worked at 5:30, so we went into the dorms. Sis and Jeff (more on him later) crashed in commons rooms. I slept in my own bed for the first time in almost a month. I fell asleep about 6am.

and woke up at 9:30am.

because I had forgotten to bring in my medicine and I didn't want to go into withdrawal.

so I got on some clothes and shoes and went out to the car and got my meds and by the time I'd taken them, I was awake (it was cold outside) so I just started unpacking and cleaning and stuff.

we were busy until 6:30pm, when I finally died. I was organizing my yarn (it's still a mess, but it's better) but I just crashed. so I called John for a few minutes, and went to bed at 7.

now im up and I need to go to walmart and get food so I can eat something besides chocolate and doughnuts for breakfast.

okay so: Jeff. Jeff is Sis's friend. She met him last Christmas. I was at college last year, and she was lonely. She met two guys: Jeff, and Blake. the relationship between them was a young adult novel, and one day I'm going to write about something like it and make a lot of money.

anyway. Jeff is a good friend of hers, and he just transferred up to school with us. so you'll be hearing more about him.

lastly: last night I had a dream that everyone thought I pulled a fire alarm in a building and they were going to arrest me. but it turned out I was really a super-hero detective, and I helped them solve the case. I used Jesus-power. (no seriously: my ID said "Christ appointed detective with the Power of God.") anyway then these demons came to our house and I had to destroy them so they wouldn't kill my family, and it was really hard, but I did it using wit and Jesus-power and a really cool gun that shot blue bullets and made things explode.

kinda wish I hadn't woken up.

Super-emily to the rescue!!!

Random things that happened over Christmas break:

  • I learned to knit socks. They're just like mittens, but you add a heel instead of a toe. I don't know why I didn't figure this out before.
  • I dropped three pants sizes. totally by accident! but still. I was a 5. now I'm a 2. but they don't make 2's with the length I need, so I'm still wearing my 5's with belts and I look like a potato sack. anyway.
  • I acquired many scarves. apparently John's mother had told her extended family with whom we stayed over Christmas that I liked scarves. so I got several of them. I can't complain, because I love them all. now I'll be warm and cute!
  • I made $100 working for my dad for a few days.
  • I realized I could live at home and spend very little money if I was smart. usually I would eat out and buy coffee and other stuff, but this time I didn't spend hardly any money (I was saving for gas money for my trip to see John) and I learned a valuable lesson: you don't have to spend money to be happy. of course I already knew this, I just wasn't practicing.
  • I rekindled my love of knitting. I knit almost every day for several hours. I forgot how much I absolutely adore knitting!!! it's so much fun!!!

a lot more happened, but these were my big highlights.

Jan 2, 2012

He left. Back to waiting for phone calls. He let me keep his jacket. He let me sleep with it this week. First time in years i havent needed my bear to sleep.