Feb 28, 2012

I hate putting titles on posts when im tired.

So I'm trying to wake up early more, so I can study, and do my Bible study and work out (because I haven't done any sort of exercise in like three weeks). I got up at 6 yesterday and got all sorts of great things done, but at 8:30 I went to bed because I was so tired, I couldn't even crochet.

This morning I got up at 6 again, and sat on my chair for an hour. So that was wasted time. Then I went to the bagel shop—because rather than wash my dishes so I could eat breakfast in my room, I spent the hour sitting on my chair wishing John was with me. I got my coffee (well, espresso drink) and a muffin, and found a couch in the University Center, and sat down to knit or study or something… and fell asleep. Luckily I didn't have class until 9:30, so I slept until y 9:10 alarm went off.

I feel better now.

But I totally would have slept until my 12:30 class.

I forgot I had a quiz/test thing today (all about the muscles in the foot) and studying right now isn't going to do squat, so I'm dreading the quiz/test thing.

after class, I'm going to get coffee—some REAL COFFEE—and take my pills, and knit my hat so I can sell it on my shop and earn some money because I'm very poor. not broke, but poor.

also: apparently selling a knit domo on etsy breaks copyright laws. note to self: DON'T BREAK COPYRIGHT LAWS!

I had some odd dreams last night too. one of them was I dreamed I found a hat I'd knitted, and shrunk and turned into a baby hat. which was sad because it was one of my favorites.

I also dreamed John and I were married. :) (No details about that dream.)

no, I'm kidding. it wasn't bad. we were just sitting together. okay there may have been some kissing. okay there was a lot of kissing.



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