Feb 25, 2012


my eyes suck at being eyes. they hurt so bad right now. plus my knee hurts, and my head hurts because the coffee hasn't hit my system yet, and I feel crabby because I miss the boy. good grief do I miss him.

sometimes I feel so good, like I'm on top of the world and ahead of the game because I studied, I finished my homework, I sold something on my etsy shop (called the yarn cat, btw. I won't link it for anonymity sake). or maybe I learned something new, like I learned something about my novel, or how to crochet or tat lace (all three of which happened recently).

other times, like today, I feel like a slacker because I got up at 11 only because I knew I had to take my meds at the same time every day to avoid my period coming three weeks early, and I've spent the past three hours browsing the interwebs, drinking coffee, eating a donut, and just being lazy.

plus, now, because my eyes suck at being eyes, and I've spent a while staring at a screen, my eyes hurt worse than they did when I woke up.

I want my glasses!!! they are being "processed" (whatever that means). I just hope they work—like, I hope I got all the numbers right.

Sis is sitting with me. apparently Jeff is mad at her—again—so she's hanging out with me.

I am procrastinating. I am supposed to be working on a makeup morgue.

I have a ton of books to read too.

I need to get working.

but all I want to do is brows etsy and work on my crochet squares. I think I'm going to make a little baby quilt. :)

John and his mother are coming to visit me next friday I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!1


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