Feb 25, 2012

Go ye into your neighborhood too!

Today I'm going to write about something very controversial.

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel."

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world."

"Make disciples in every nation."


As Christians, our job is very clear. We are to share the gospel with the nations, make disciples, and glorify God by serving others. Every year we send tons of missionaries into other countries. Churches go on missions trips. We send money oversees to AIDS victims and earthquake victims.

But there are still homeless people here. Sick people, hurt people, prostitutes, drug addicts, people needing Christ.

You don't have to go into another country to serve Christ. In fact, you shouldn't, unless you've run out of people in your neighborhood and immediate area to serve.

Now, some people are specifically called to go to certain places. They learn the language, they meet people/marry people in those other countries, and they move out there. But they live there, and those people have become their immediate neighbors!

The point is, before you send your money oversees and dedicate your time to places in other countries—however awesome it is—check out your local soup kitchen, goodwill, homeless shelter, or mid-point house for orphans. They need Christ to.

To my Nerdfighters: I see nothing wrong with decreasing World Suck.

But let's focus on city-suck, too.


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