Oct 17, 2011


Swanning (verb: Swan-ing). a date in which you and your boyfriend/girlfriend take a walk along a river and look at swans. Ex: John and I went swanning last night.

It's been a lovely week. I've been able to see Victory and John every day. Yesterday Victory and I even got to have a tea party :D

John took me to the ballet on Friday. Yesterday we went for a walk in the park right as the sun was going down, and we saw the swans on the river, and the baby ducks, and we sat on the swing and talked until it got too cold (even leaned up against him, and he's like a heater). then we got pizza and watched a movie.

My mom and sis are coming up today, and they're bringing my new microwave, and a few other random things. John and I are going to try to have dinner tonight, since tomorrow I won't see him until he drops me off at my carpool to go back to school.


but I'll see him over thanksgiving :) which is in a month. :\


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