Oct 3, 2011

I am not feeling creative enough to title this post.

Okay so basically here's the gist.

I'm visiting Victory and John over fall break. I'll be staying with Victory and her family (yay! I get to see my girlfriends and my boyfriend at the same time!!) and I'm really excited.

I get to see them in NINE DAYS. it's been hard. we both had some days where I seriously would have just gotten in the car and driven down if I'd had the gas money.

good thing I'm broke.

wait. scratch that. I wish I had more money.

anyway I talked to his mom today, because it was her anniversary and apparently John was the only one who remembered. so I gave her a call to say hi. she seemed really happy to talk to me. she told me about a yarn shop out there, and I may see if John will take me.

not like I need any yarn. I have buckets full.

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