Oct 2, 2010

…There's a song about that I think…


something something something….yeah. i guess i don't know it. nvm.

yesterday was a good day. thursday night i went to bed at like… 8pm? …. not kidding. i was SO tired. woke up at about 2am and was up until about 4, then slept until 7-ish. i got up and got to starbucks by 8 and did my bible study there. got a caramel apple spice. those things are so good :) and they don't have caffeine! yay!

so. then i went to class. we talked about babies and serial killers (not in the same sentence) and then she tried to convince people to run in the 5k. i was going to.

(keep that in mind.)

so then i went to the UC and chilled for a while. then i went to my other class where they had a debate (and i got to sit and listen and pretend to be interested :D) and then i went to the dining hall and ate panda express. saw Jace on his way to his class.

then i went to starbucks and fought with an html layout. it's still not exactly the way it's supposed to look… but it's getting there. I'm not sure what to do about it.

Then i went to the gym and danced for a while. that was fun. well… ballet is fun in the sense that it's painful and hard and horrible, but still manages to make someone feel beautiful.

then i went to the UC again and ate a piece of pizza, then i went to my dorm and dropped off my dirty dance clothes (EWWW :P) then i went back to starbucks and worked on my book for a while. only got a few scenes done though. i'm not very inspired right now.

or rather, i'm inspired, but not for the books i'm working on. i'm inspired for the ones i haven't started yet.

maybe when i'm sure i'll never see him again, i'll tell you about the story i'm planning on doing… voldemort's basic character would be in it. but until i move out of the state forever or he dies, i'm not going to write it. i'd get so wrapped up in it i might hunt him down and wring his neck.

well, probably not. but i'd certainly fantasize about it.

so i woke up this morning at 7 to get up and get dressed and go for the 5k run. and i was FREEZING. i don't have any of my good legwarmers or tights out here, either (i figured, 'im not dancing, i don't need these' and forgot that as a ballerina, i wear dance stuff whether i'm dancing or not) so i turned off the alarm and laughed at the idea of running in sixty degree weather without warmers. i slept under a microfleece blanket and down comforter until 9:30.

then i texted Jace to see what he was up to, because Derek gave me this tv show series that he wants me to watch and there's no way i'll get through it by myself, and i figured it would be fun to watch it together. but he won't text me back.

what is it with that boy and not texting me on saturdays? that's the day i need to be entertained!! everything is closed out here on saturdays :\

stupid boy.


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