Oct 5, 2010

monday monday...

Mondays are nice. i used to hate them, but i don't anymore. i like them because everything starts over and you have a fresh start.

(unless you have homework from the weekend that you didn't do, and then you start off behind. bad idea.)

monday i woke up earlier than i had to. i thought i'd seen a roach or soemthing in my bed (illusion) and i'd barely slept. so i got up at 7:20 and gone to starbucks at 7:30 (yeah, it takes me ten minutes to walk down thre :\ stupid dorm at the top of the hill at the edge of the campus...) and read my Bible for like... an hour and a half or something. it was nice. of course i'd forgotten my ID card and coudn't get anythign to drink. then i went to my morning class, and went back to my dorm (the housekeeper let me in so i could get my ID) then went to the UC and got breakfast. then i went to my second class (which was kinda lame...we've talked about the same thing for three weeks now. my teacher drives me crazy). i ate lunch and did homework, then went back to my dorm and took a nap, then forced myself to go to the gym. after i worked out i went back to starbucks and read my reading for lit class today (ewwww Milton.). then i went to bed.

that was it :)

maybe today will be more interesting.

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Alphonse said...

Squiggers wants me to say she hopes you have a great day in this awesome fall weather (if you hear random giggles, she's probably hiding nearby).