Apr 9, 2012

spring break and starbucks

Got up at 6 like a good ballerina, but then decided that I didn't want to go to the gym because 1. it's cold outside and 2. my ankle is still a little sore from the sprain, and I need to dance this evening, so I'd better plan to save my strength for that.

so now I'm just sitting here waiting for starbucks to open so I can get some coffee and read my Bible and maybe read another book for a while as well. preferably the one I need to read for school before 1:30 today. yeah. should probably get on that.

spring break was awesome. I didn't write much over break, mostly because John was hanging out with me constantly (like we literally didn't leave each other's sides unless 1. we were sleeping or 2. he had to go to class.

which I really can't complain about because I adore the boy.


We got there Friday evening. I met his first cousin and his first cousin's wife ( who didn't seem to like me very much, for no reason in particular other than she was PMSing) and then Saturday the sweetheart brought me coffee when I woke up. I don't really remember what we did every day in particular, but essentially, we watched a lot of movies, sat on the couch and read Rage comics, went out to eat a few times, had a candle-lit dinner, played laser-tag and assassin's creed, and watched youtube videos.

just typical geek stuff.

3 more weeks of school. then I'm done. THANK GOD.

then summer starts.


last night I had a dream that I had a knife stuck in my chest and I couldn't take it out because it would kill me, and I couldn't get to the emergency room because Sis was in the car, and I couldn't call 911 because I didn't have a phone, and when I finally did have a phone, I couldn't find the 9.


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