Apr 15, 2012

An answer to prayer

Just spent a good two hours talking with Jace.

Yeah, that Jace. Remember him?

First of all: totally over him. He's easy to be friends with now.

Second: he's so different! he doesn't' swear anymore. He's focused on Christ. He told me a story about how God's been communicating with him and showing Himself and making His plan clearer for him.

It makes me so happy. Because when I met him, he was different. And I'd prayed hard for him that he would become a true Christian. and now I'm very sure he is.

It just makes me happy.

Now he's getting his laptop and is coming back down to the commons room to sit with me so we can do homework together (neither of us really want to do much of anything).

Side-note: I met Jace in September of last year. And now I'm getting my answer to prayer. Sometimes it does take some time.


Thanks Jesus.

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