Dec 15, 2011

Some college students are stupid.

Some college student robbed the State credit union out here. Moron! He only got $300 and then, of all dumb choices, he went back to his apartment that was walking distance from the credit union.

Everyone thought he was on campus, so they sent out shelter-in-place and we were locked down for two hours. He never ended up coming on campus though.

during the course of the lockdown, I filmed my podcast (which you can find by searching my firstnamelastname on youtube) talked to John on the phone, and took a call from my possible future employer for my summer internship (more on that when my plans get finalized!).

Speaking of the internship, the place I'm thinking about going has very limited wi-fi, and no cell service. That means no boyfriend phone calls and no skyping. which means there will be lots of blog posts and probably some video blogging on my youtube channel.

Anyway. More updates soon.

Three more finals for me! An online English test, an essay I need to turn in, and a French test. Then I'll be out of here. YAY!


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