Dec 21, 2011

I'm going to make a video

called "10 things you didn't know about me."

Here's the list. the video will be online eventually, but I won't link it. if you know my firstnamelastname you can search it on youtube.

1. I have multiple identities online. This is only one of them. mwaahhahahhaa! (but don't worry, they're all used for good and not evil)

2. I have a strange fascination with flicking my pocket knife open and closed.

3. I was forced to get my ears pierced when I was fourteen! My ballet teacher told me I had to wear earrings with my costume, and unless it was against my parent's rules, I needed to get them pierced so I could wear earrings for the show. today, I hardly ever wear earrings because I'm allergic to all of them, even silver plated. I can't wear anything else except silver plated because my holes will bleed and turn black, and I can't wear nice quality ones for more than a few hours.

4. I'm allergic to makeup. it makes my eyes water and burn and itch. performance days were always a nightmare.

5. I listen to ballet music on my laptop, in the car, on my phone, while I'm studying, etc. because I'm so used to focusing and relaxing and thinking clearly when I hear it, that it has that effect on me now.

6. I'm extremely flexible. My ballet teacher called me Gumbi Girl because I just sort of stretch like a rubber band.

7. I can't seem to find jeans that fit me. If they fit my hips, they're too short. If they're long enough, they're too loose. So most of the time, I either wear a kid's belt that I've punched extra holes in, or I wear overalls. because overalls don't fall down.

8. I'm allergic to chocolate. it makes my throat burn and my eyes water and I cough and gag.

9. I bite my fingers like crazy but I'm trying to stop. my thumbs are almost healed now! yay!

10. I'm Dyslexic. I'm a book reviewer and a writer, but I'm dyslexic. this is why I play the piano and the recorder by ear: I can't read music.

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Shaylynn;) said...

Allergic to chocolate.. awful.