Dec 16, 2011

lost friends

Sometimes I listen to ballet barre music to relax. Maybe it's a conditioned response, but man do I feel relaxed and focused when I listen to Josu Gallastegui. I think I might burn copies for my car.

There's this girl in my french class, we'll call her Rachel. She isn't a Christian. She swears like a sailor and she talks about sex like it's her hobby. It might become one, since she recently broke up with her boyfriend, an event that put her in the hospital. when she told me about that, I saw what I should have seen sooner: not only is she lost, she's dead and searching for meaning in life, and looking for real love that doesn't leave you over stupid immature things.

Next semester we're going to work out together. We're going to get up early—5:30!—and run, and I'm going to teach her pilates and some ballet exercises for her feet (she's very physically broken) and she's going to teach me martial arts. Which is cool because then John and I will be able to do that together!

Anyway, I know as a workout buddy there is a lot of talking. I'm asking for prayer for Rachel and for me. I can see God working in her life. He's putting her though things, and breaking her down. I'd like to think He's softening her heart. I want to be the took He uses to draw her to Him. But I'm going to need courage.

Anyway, that's what's been pressing on my mind lately. Not so much the French test that we take this afternoon at 1 (which I'd also appreciate prayer about…) but more about her. I can't imagine what her life must be like, thinking that sex is crucial to have a relationship with a guy, or that the coolest job on earth would be working in a bar.

The thing is, she's a really cool person. She's just wrong about some things.


I need to stop starting my sentences with "Anyway."




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