Sep 10, 2012

this warrants a "wtf?"

we started off dancing. 

One of my students was there. she was doing so well. we were all dancing, and then suddenly, the ground was shaking, and we heard a terrible sound, like giant footsteps. For some reason I was holding a baby.

then the building crashed in around us.  a giant ugly monster wanted the baby's eye lashes. then the baby and I changed from people to planets. the huge dino-monster tried to blow us up.

suddenly it was as if I was playing a videogame and was outside of it all. my mom was trying to teach me how planets can explode or be absorbed. then we were talking about life expectancy, and she wanted me to live for a long time so she gave me some pills. the first set made my heart bigger, the second set gave me more blood, the third set made me grow, etc. finally i felt sick and said something along the lines of "i'm tired of this experiment, I understand lifespan, can we call it quits?" and she was like "oh fine." so I went to the bathroom and forced myself to throw up, but I couldn't. the last thing I remember thinking before waking up was "I really shouldn't have eaten Jupiter."

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